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Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic Cooks Up an Opening Date

Cult-favorite cinnamon rolls will be baking soon


They will miss their previously promised July debut date, but customizable, "100% vegan...gourmet cinnamon rolls" will very soon be available in Spring Valley.

Berkeley, Calif.-based Cinnaholic has casually announced via social media an Aug. 5 "grand opening" at suite 103 at The Mall at Grand Canyon retail center, right next door to breakfast and lunch restaurant Bite.

Created by husband-and-wife team Shannon and Florian Radke, Cinnaholic gained national attention on ABC TV's Shark Tank, attracting long lines of loyal customers outside their store craving their "dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free" rolls.

Similar to a sweet spin on a Chipotle or build-your-own-pizza concept, Cinnaholic only bakes their rolls after customers chose a frosting from a list of 30 choices and then further customize from more than 20 toppings options.

Recent daily specials at their Georgia, Texas and California expansions have included chocolate marshmallow, caramel cookie crisp and "pumpkin spice frosting topped with fresh raspberries and chocolate sauce." Unusual toppings include gingersnap cookies and pie crumble and frostings have included cake batter, pomegranate, root beer and piña colada.

Opening hours have yet to be announced.

Bite Breakfast & Lunch

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