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The Fieldhouse Almost Ready to Salute Hawkeye and Rebels Fans

A new UNLV supporting sports bar to debut close to The Strip.

Fieldhouse Las Vegas
Fieldhouse Las Vegas

Almost a year and half after first being revealed, "Iowa's top sports bar," is very close to unveiling their expansion to Las Vegas.

Via Facebook, Fieldhouse Las Vegas has been informing Iowa transplants they hope to be open the first week of August. Located at the Bianca Plaza on Industrial Rd., behind the Fashion Show mall and close to the rear entrance to Circus Circus, the 24-hour Fieldhouse will feature food, gaming and a very visible devotion to Iowa and UNLV sports.

The Fieldhouse originally opened in Iowa City in 1927 and still operates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Davenport, Iowa.

Fieldhouse Las Vegas Facebook

Fieldhouse Las Vegas - Photo: Facebook

Featuring a rectangular bar, plenty of TVs and enough room for a maximum of 188 guests, the main room has been painted scarlet and gray and the door in "Rebel red." They still intend to stake their claim as the premier Saturday destination for Hawkeye fans.

Previously promised for the menu, pizzas, hamburgers and pork tenderloins, an iconic dish familiar to any Iowan.