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Your First Squeeze In Has Beamed Into Spring Valley

The "Best Omelettes On The Planet" have arrived in Las Vegas

Squeeze In
Squeeze In

With a bold mission to ultimately launch eight Las Vegas locations, the first home of the self-proclaimed "Best Omelettes On The Planet" have arrived in Spring Valley. Squeeze In has debuted in soft open mode, ahead of a weekend "Grand Opening" and their future daily hours of 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Located at the Apache Plaza at the corner of Ft. Apache Road and Reno Drive, the lunch and breakfast concept takes over a corner 2,564-square-foot space, a few doors down from Sweet Addiction.

Describing themselves as "down home" and "easy going," the franchise figurehead is a jolly, green, alien mascot who features on a range of new Las Vegas branded merchandise.

On the menu, hearty omelets such as the $13.79 Hawiian Aikane, made with ham, pineapple, jalapeños, cream cheese, sour cream and honey, plus the $22.99 Holy Crab!, built with "a full 1/4 pound of King Crab sautéed in butter with sliced green onions, then folded into eggs with Monterrey jack cheese, and topped with avocado."

And the $13.99 tribute to celebrity chef Bobby Flay, The Spanish Flay, made with "finely diced red bell peppers and potatoes sautéed with smoked paprika in butter, and folded with hand grated fresh Monterrey Jack cheese into seasoned eggs,"

Later this summer they hope to open their second spot, this time in the southeast, at the Regal Plaza, anchored by the Regal Cinemas Colonnade 14 movie theater and also home to the Truffles N Bacon Cafe.

Sweet Addiction Cookies & Ice Cream

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