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Veggie House Expanding With VegeWay Burger Drive-Thru

Vegan fast food is real and on the way.


Cafe Chloe chef Piero Broglia shuttered his sandwich concept Great American Food earlier this year at the corner of Jones and Robindale Road, but the stand-alone, 1,895-square-foot space has found a new and more health-inspired tenant, already looking forward to a Sept. 1 debut date .

VegeWay will be based around a "quality veggie burger" created by Kenny Chye, better known as Chef Kenny, the force behind Veggie House in Chinatown. Making full use of the building's drive-thru, a unique asset for a vegetarian restaurant, announced plans for the menu include healthy variants on casual fast food, including fish tacos, Vietnamese vegan bahn mi sandwiches, burrito wraps, fries and vegan milkshakes.

Malaysian-born Chye has been serving his vegetarian spin on Chinese dishes close to the intersection of Spring Mountain and Decatur since 2012. Long in the works, in recent weeks the veggie burgers have undergone unofficial off-the menu tastings at Veggie House.


7790 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV