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A Soul Food Switcheroo Brings Side Chix Cafe

Get ready to “come hungry, leave satisfied” when they debut soon.

Side Chix Cafe
Side Chix Cafe

Tyrone Patterson took Mamma's Boy Cafe soul food concept from a counter at the Campus Commons Food Court to a full restaurant on Martin Luther King Boulevard in 2015. He sold the restaurant after less than a year, but another soul food restaurant still sees potential in the corner space and is announcing it will debut in less than two weeks.

Side Chix Cafe has a brash marketing campaign and plenty of confidence about their Southern-inspired dishes, which are touted as featuring "secret recipes." The former restaurant has been stripped of its distinctive yellow interior and the Side Chix logo is ready to be whirled into service.

Located on the westside, close the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Washington Avenue, already promised for owner Ivan Pugh’s menu, chicken gizzards "made like yo MomaNam use to make it," plus fried fish, chicken and oysters and selections from their barbecue grill.

Final opening hours have yet to be revealed.

mamma's boy cafe

, Las Vegas, NV (702) 822-6939