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Chandelier Bar Reveals Its Spruced Up Space

The $1 million renovation is complete

Chandelier Bar
Chandelier Bar

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas completed the $1 million renovation of Chandelier Bar, unveiling expanded open seating and seven new cocktails on the first level.

Chef mixologist Mariena Mercer went on Snapchat to show of two of the new drinks, calling them "fun, creative and culinary forward."

First up, Becky With the Good Hair, named for the Beyonce song. Mercer calls it an adult lemonade with a "side of shade." The mezcal-based cocktail features a Queen Bae seasoning that combines salt, pepper and honey crystals, "an homage to Queen Bee herself."

She also showcased Keep Your Pansies On, what she called a "light and floral" cocktail with gin, Amaro, grapefruit liqueur and a honey lavender foam on top. Of course a pansy decorates.

The three levels surrounded by a beaded curtains of lights remain. The lower level remains open round the clock.

Other signature drinks found here include the Forbidden Fruit, an "apple-forward cocktail;" the Infinite Playlist, an updated variation of the classic Old Fashioned that uses a 12-year rum aged in bourbon barrels; and Verbena that combines lemony verbena with ginger.

The Chandelier

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