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Meet Lucky Dragon’s Five Restaurants

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The Asian resort plans to open by the end of the year

The waterfall feature at the pool at Lucky Dragon.
The waterfall feature at the pool at Lucky Dragon.
Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon just west of SLS Las Vegas plans to open its hotel and casino by the end of the year, and now the resort reveals its entire roster of restaurants. Willy Ng, who runs Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux in San Francisco, helped with the concepts for the five restaurants anticipated at Lucky Dragon, with executive chef Phuoc Luu, formerly at the Golden Nugget, and executive chef de cuisine Jacky Leung, from the Palazzo, on board.

First up, Dragon’s Alley, the night market at the resort, which plans to serve street foods from China, Taiwan and all over Asia from breakfast to late at night. The restaurant decked out with lanterns features a rotating menu of live seafood, dim sum, barbecue, boba tea and more in a space for 325. Hutong brick and street art sculptures create the ambiance.

Guests can watch their food being made from 360 degrees inside the Jewel Kitchen of Dragon’s Alley, the only show kitchen that extends directly onto the casino floor.

Pearl Ocean brings a dim sum menu for lunch and dinner. Guest pick their seafood from a separate room. The 240-seat restaurant has a private dining space and sometimes plans to feature live entertain.

Phoenix focuses on modern Chinese fare, including Kurobuta pork, deer tendon and abalone. Guest sit in one of 60 seats or head out to the private balcony.

Cha Garden debuts as the resort’s indoor/outdoor tea garden and lounge area. Inside, guests find a bar where they can order tea and yum cha, light snacks akin to Chinese tapas. This space also leads to the pool area, open 24 hours, with cabanas that double as private tea huts at night. This space features a waterfall, sculptures, oak trees and a "shoreline swimming pond." Cha Garden also features a full bar.

Bao Now, also open 24 hours a day next to the main gaming floor, offers dim sum, soups, rice, noodles, congee, Boba tea and more dishes meant to be eaten on the go.

Below, a look inside some of the restaurants.