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Casa Del Matador Gallops into Downtown Summerlin

Now you can order up Mexican food from this Seattle-based restaurant

Casa Del Matador
Casa Del Matador
Amelinda B Lee

Seattle-based Casa Del Matador debuted at on the north end of Downtown Summerlin near Andiron Steak & Sea and the Crate & Barrel on the way.

Seattle's 2K Metal Works created the very ornate metal railings for the space while co-founder Zak Melang added his touch to the ornate table and bar tops to the brand he created in 2004 with Nate Opper.

The 4,306-square-foot features a 660-square-foot patio, a bar with more than 130 tequila choices and a circular, 12-seat, indoor fire-pit.

On the menu, find enchiladas, tortas, tacos and burritos, as well as braised carnitas, carne asada, fajitas and ribeye steak.

More than 130 tequilas, mezcals and añejos line the bar, arranged on the menu by flavor profiles, and available in flights.

Happy hour features $6 spicy fried calamari, grilled stuffed jalapeños, ancho chile wings and habanero, ancho or poblano shrimp; $1.50 street tacos with braised beef, carnitas and more; and $5 dishes such as black bean queso, Matador guacamole and grande nachos.

Brunch features a breakfast torta, huevos rancheros, posole verde, Mexican sweet bread French toast and more.

Casa Del Matador

1770 Festival Plaza Dr #190, Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 228-2766 Visit Website