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The Bourbon Room Shutters, $2.5 Million Makeover Next

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Has the new lounge already taken a name?

The Bourbon Room
The Bourbon Room
Chelsea McManus

After four years on the Venetian’s casino floor, The Bourbon Room has shuttered on schedule, lasting nine months longer than its stage production inspiration.

Created inside the former home of La Scena, The Bourbon Room plucked its name and attitude from the resort’s musical attraction Rock of Ages, now staged at its own namesake theater at the Rio. To match the vibe of the raucous musical and lure guests directly from the theater after each performance, the lounge specialized in airing ’80s hair-metal music videos, featured dance and sing-along performances by its staff and served 60 different kinds of bourbons including two single-barrel bourbons specifically created for the venue.

Once the stage show departed off Strip in January, the lounge’s days were numbered, treading water while the resort considered a new concept. According to one piece of recently filed paperwork, the replacement will still be classified as a "lounge" and has the working title of The Dorsey.

For construction work alone, the project has been granted a $2.5 million budget to remodel the 4,415-square-foot, open plan space. The Bourbon Room's interior included catwalks for the nightly live shows, a large bar and a dance floor, but a future design template for The Dorsey has yet to revealed.

The Bourbon Room

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