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Bibs Ready for California’s Rockin' Crawfish on the Eastside

A rival for Hot N Juicy Crawfish is on the way.

 Rockin Crawfish
Rockin' Crawfish
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For anyone looking for "Asian Cajun" flavors in Las Vegas, their first thought would probably turn to locals Hot N Juicy Crawfish. Now, a new brand is hoping to expand on that name recognition, bringing a North California spin on some casual Louisiana classics.

Since 2010 Rockin' Crawfish has operated across the bay from San Francisco, at three current locations in Oakland, Concord and San Pablo. In Las Vegas they will take over a 3,200-square-foot spot in the Maryland Crossing retail center, at the intersection of Maryland and Flamingo, close to Target and a few steps from Thai Place Restaurant and Café Verdi.

On the menu, a messy but finger friendly lineup of appetizers like waffle cut Cajun fries, deep fried oysters, shrimp baskets and seafood gumbos. The main attractions are crawfish, dungeness crab, king crab legs, clams, mussels and oysters available at market prices, with lemon pepper, garlic butter or "Rockin' Combo" flavors. Spiciness levels can be selected from original and mild, rising up to "volcano"

An estimated $245,000 has been allocated for the construction remodel, but an announcement of an expected opening date has not yet been revealed.

Cafe Verdi

4023 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 735-7719