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A Soft Debut for Insert Coin(s) Replacement RED

Fremont East’s combination dance club and sports bar arrives


A soft, Labor Day weekend opening will help newcomer RED put their sound system and large projection screens to the test. Replacing former video game arcade and bar Insert Coin(s), operators Rod and Bruce Perdew are importing their years of knowledge running dance clubs in Hollywood and also adding some sports to the mix.

Currently only open from 8 p.m. until 4 a.m., the long-term plan calls for RED to eventually function as a "trendy" sports bar and lounge during the day, before morphing into the nightly dance club. The interior bar space has been upgraded with new "70-80 inch" TVs , but Insert Coins(s) centerpiece bar remains untouched.

At the rear of the 6,474-square-foot main room will sit the DJ booth and dance floor. A recent guest DJ at Oddfellows video dance bar at The Ogden, Bruce Perdew has plenty of experience hosting "’80s & ’90s, Top 40, Indie & Electronic Dance Music" theme nights in Los Angeles, including the ’80s-skewed Blue Mondays, Gothic-themed Helter Skelter and programming full sets of Britney Spears tunes.