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Sunset & Vines Uncorks Its Final Bottle of Wine

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The restaurant and bar at Lake Las Vegas calls it quits

Sunset & Vines
Sunset & Vines

Sunset & Vines, the restaurant and wine bar at Lake Las Vegas, closed after service on Saturday, Sept. 17. The restaurant announced on Facebook that the combination of trying to operate at Lake Las Vegas and pay rent caused the closing.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Sunset & Vines,

It is with sadness and no small amount of regret that I need to announce the closing of Sunset & Vines. The economics of trying to be a viable business in the Village at Lake Las Vegas has made it impossible for us to survive the heat of the summer months. Our ownership has been unable to reach any sort of lease compromise with our landlord, so this is the sad result of that inability to negotiate some sort of settlement.

All of us at Sunset & Vines feel privileged to have had the honor of your support over the past nearly 12 years. Although this particular chapter is coming to an end, I feel that this is not necessarily the final chapter. As many of you have heard me say from time to time: stylistically and conceptually, we've managed to put together a really good mousetrap at Lake Las Vegas, we've just needed more mice. I hope, and anticipate, that Sunset & Vines will once again come to be, perhaps under a different name, perhaps in a different location, but always consistent with the values and integrity we have striven to practice on a daily basis.

Sunset and Vines

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