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Your First Look Inside Milk Bar

Plus some of the treats

Milk Bar
Milk Bar
Amelinda B Lee

Take a look inside Milk Bar, the bakery with crack pie, cereal milk soft serve ice cream and more, now open at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Christina Tosi, who jump started the dessert program at Momofuku (coming soon next door) ventured off on her own to expand the brand to 10 locations.

"[We] started to entertain the idea of bringing Milk Bar to the west. We entertained all kinds of opportunities and deals," Tosi says. "We always talked about coming west. A lot of the customers we love stuff their bags and head west."

Of course, the other key was finding a place to land in Las Vegas.

"Cosmopolitan is young and hip and curious, constantly pushing. We’re two doors down from Eggslut. They want to disrupt what folks have come to know on the Strip," she says. "They get who we are. They have always been hellbent on the Milk Bar swagger and Milk Bar pride.…That was essential for us."

The storefront here is very much a milk truck brought back to life, taking cues from the visual design of the NoLita and Chelsea stores, incorporating a kitchen and storefront all in one. Guests can watch the cakes being baked and peak inside the kitchen.

A condiment coffee station that’s part neon excites Tosi the most. Two soft serve machines twirl out cereal milk, sweet potato pie and crack pie soft serve ice creams. Milkshakes, dubbed Milk Quakes, echo the Williamsburg program, but a liquor license brings spiked versions.

"While we planned the identity of the store, we’ll adjust to what people want from the East Coast," Tosi says.

Go ahead and wander inside.

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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 698-7000 Visit Website

Milk Bar

100 Bellevue Square, , WA 98004 (425) 455-5800 Visit Website