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Behold, The Dish Function All Chefs Hard Hat Menu

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A ‘Juicy Lucy’ meets a ‘Chicago dog’ at a dive bar

A neon sign for the Hard Hat Lounge
Hard Hat Lounge

Chef Daniel Schneider left his roost at Owl last September and is now in charge of a new menu at another unconventional tavern. Schenider’s Dish Function All Chefs is serving inside the venerable Hard Hat Lounge from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., or later, "as long as the DJ is spinning."

Promising "white collar food for blue collar people" on the menu, Schenider’s twist on traditional pub grub, including burgers and their spins on a "classic juicy Lucy" and a Chicago hot dog.

Located at the corner of Industrial Road and New York Avenue since 1962, the venue remains open 24/7 and is well respected for its ongoing support and booking of local live performers and the mural painted by Frank Bowers in 1962 to pay off a bar tab.


Hawaiian grilled cheese
Monterey jack, ham and pineapple between Hawaiian bread. $5
Caprese grilled cheese
Pesto, mozzarella cheese and tomato between sourdough bread. $5
Sauteed grilled cheese
Sauteed mushrooms, onions, gouda cheese between marble rye bread. $5
Bacon brie grilled cheese
Apricot preserve bacon and brie between sourdough bread and garnished with balsamic vinegar and basil. $5

Bulgogi burger
A traditional Korean barbecue specialty of marinated ground beef served with sautéed mushroom, daikon sprout, misa mayo and cheddar cheese. $6
Mushroom Swiss burger
Heaping with mushrooms and the wonderful flavor of Swiss cheese, this burger really delivers. $6
Jamaican jerk burger
A juicy burger exploding with Jamaican flavor and spice accompanied with a pineapple and orange chipotle mayo, need I say more! $6
Sin City Burger
Ground beef, lamb and pork combined to create this unique patty, garnished with cheddar cheese, bacon and an egg to your liking. $6
Juicy Loose
Our take on the classic juicy lucy. $6
Cowboy burger
Round up with this take on the west, piled with onion rings and covered with a bourbon bbq sauce. $6
Jamaican turf and surf
Let's take the Jamaican jerk burger and some jerk spice shrimp. $9

Seattle dog
Let's top this dog with bacon cream cheese, and caramelized onions. $6
Chicago dog
A street car classic, brought to you our way. $6
Hawaiian dog
Mahala! a smothered dog with tropical flavors. $6
Coney Island dog
Topped with meat sauce, onions and cheddar cheese. forget about it, this is a dog. $6
Asian dog
A traditional korean barbecue specialty of marinated hot dog.$6

French fries
A basket of our delicious fries. $2
Onion rings
A heaping basket of our crispy onion rings. $4
Zucchini sticks
Everybody loves zucchini sticks and you'll love ours. Served with your choice of dipping sauce / $4
Mozzarella sticks
Perfect add on to that New York dog, served with your choice, marinara sauce or ranch dressing. $5
Chicken tenders
Home made tenders made with our special breading prepared, plain, mild, medium or hot. served with your choice of dressing. 4 pcs $5, 6 pcs $7


Funky Monkey
Cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, banana, mini marshmallow and Nutella between Hawaiian bread. $5
We'll think of something to surprise you with each day. Just ask! $3

Hard Hat Lounge

1675 South Industrial Road, , NV 89102 (702) 384-8987