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Michigan’s Magnum Coffee To Launch Las Vegas Cafe

A “taste of the exotic” for coffee lovers is coming

Magnum Coffee
Magnum Coffee
Magnum Coffee Roastery

Nunica, Michigan’s Magnum Coffee Roastery, which likes to call itself "specialty coffee adventurists," is expanding to Las Vegas, creating a store for its very broad range of coffee selections and also installing a café.

Located at 1335 E. Sunset Road at the Majestic Runway Center, just to the south of McCarran airport, the roasters operate a huge facility in Nunica and Java Boulevard, their company store, featuring the full range of products, baristas and the inspiration for this expansion west.

Locally, the roasters will be providing wholesale services for businesses, restaurants and coffee shops and also offering one-stop retail shopping for fellow java adventurers dropping in.

Magnum Coffee Roastery Magnum Coffee Roastery

Magnum Coffee Roastery - Photo: Facebook

While you might not have consciously bought this brand of globally curated beans, Magnum Coffee operates behind the scenes as a private label, creating dozens of blends and custom packaging for stores, independent coffee shops and major-name retailers around the country, including Wegmans, Hy-Vee, Marshalls and Home Goods.

An exact debut date and hours have yet to be announced, but the company promises the location is "opening soon."

Magnum Coffee Roastery

1335 E. Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119