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Noodle Bar and Haute Plates Buffet Head to the Palms

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The casino floor remodel is in full swing

Social bar

The casino floor at the Palms resort is a hive of activity as Station Casinos revamps the 15-year-old property with its own style and tenants. Back in June, an impressive $16,402,668 was allocated in estimated construction costs alone to remodel the 78,370-square-foot area.

Current guests are now experiencing a makeover of the registration desk and the replacement for the four-year old Social cocktail bar.

Behind large plywood, work continues on the transformation of the former Bistro Buffet. The 9,685-square-foot space was given its own $5.8 million estimated budget for an overhaul that will change the entire dining area with new furniture, walls, ceiling finishes and electrical and lighting fixtures.

Originally announced as a “food hall,” current plywood labels the project a “haute new buffet.” The property trademarked the name Haute Plates in June. Earlier this year, Palms expected to unveil the results in December.

Elsewhere on property, a restaurant currently called “Noodle Bar” is waiting to be built. The 960-square-foot space, with a maximum occupancy of 49, will receive a healthy $620,000 in estimated construction upgrades. The Asian dining option goes a small way to replace the China House restaurant, which shuttered over the summer.

An exact location has yet to be revealed and also yet to be confirmed, if this is a sequel to the 1,087-square-foot 8 Noodle Bar, a popular attraction at Station’s Red Rock Resort since 2014.

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