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Yong Kang Street Plans a Portland Location

Plus Asian business owners meet with the health department

Yong Kang Street dim sum
Yong Kang Street dim sum

PORTLAND, OREGON — Rumors point to Las Vegas dim sum restaurant Yong Kang Street expanding to downtown Portland. Eater Portland reports the restaurant could be landing at downtown’s remodeled Pioneer Place Mall. [EPDX]

LAS VEGAS — The Southern Nevada Health District officials met with members of the Asian Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday to discuss what Asian restaurant owners perceive as cultural differences about how their restaurants are “unfairly singled out,” according to Channel 8. Restaurateurs brought up Issues such as how kimchi is stored and sushi are prepared and handled, along with language barriers between health inspectors and staff. One attendee suggested bringing a translator to the inspections. One health inspector says that a common problem she witnesses is improper hand-washings. Marilyn Kirkpatrick, the board chair of the health department, promised to talk to staff and develop solutions. [Channel 8]

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Yong Kang Street

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