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Five Restaurants To Try at Tivoli Village This Weekend

Shopping and open air dining

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Most shopping centers have a fountain or trees to add ambiance, but Tivoli Village isn’t most shopping centers. The Summerlin-adjacent shopping and restaurant destination offers so much more than just a place to browse the stores and grab a bite; it’s a truly immersive experience that’s designed to make shoppers feel like they’ve walked out of the desert and into an Italian village. After all, Tivoli Village is located in Las Vegas, a city that’s home to an Eiffel Tower replica and a faux Venetian canal system.

For those looking to have an Italian experience that’s also somehow very Vegas, here are five restaurants to try at Tivoli Village.

Avocado fries at Hamptons

Lunch on the patio

When in Tivoli Village, dining al fresco is an absolute must. The spacious patio at Hamptons is the ideal setting for brunch, lunch or dinner. Diners can start with the avocado fries served with smoked ketchup and dig into a swordfish burger topped with pickled jalapeño. A Moscow mule made with ginger kombucha offers an excuse to linger.

Hamptons, 440 S. Rampart Blvd. #180, 702-916-1482

Steak and eggs at Echo & Rig

A carnivorous brunch

Brunch may well be the most important meal of the day in Las Vegas, and at Echo & Rig it’s taken very seriously. The butcher shop meets fine dining restaurant serves a notable brunch with a focus on meat. From steak and eggs to charcuterie made in house, this two-level restaurant with a patio offers plenty of ways to get enough protein for the day.

Echo & Rig, 440 S. Rampart Blvd., 702-489-3525

Enchiladas at Leticia’s

Fresh Mexican cuisine

With a commitment to never using yellow cheese or canned food, Leticia’s offers fresh, thoughtfully prepared Mexican food in Tivoli Village. The homey restaurant serves classic dishes such as elote with queso cotija, chili powder and lime and enchiladas drenched in a choice of red guajillo, green tomatillo, mole poblano, entomatadas or spicy chile de arbol sauce. For dessert there’s chocolate flan.

Leticia's, 430 S. Rampart Blvd. #110, 702-445-7744

Waffle Bar

Anytime waffles

For those who believe that waffles are too good to be restricted to one meal a day, Waffle Bar brings a much-needed dose of Belgian-inspired culinary joy to Tivoli Village. Diners can order sweet or savory waffles including the waffle and sausage gravy for breakfast, the pepperoni pizza waffle for lunch, and the Nnutella waffle for dessert — or anytime, really.

Waffle Bar, 410 S. Rampart Blvd. #120, 702-834-4240

Latte at Leone Cafe

The perfect latte

Leone Cafe is an Italian coffee shop with a focus on truly great espresso drinks and meals to match. After browsing the stores at Tivoli Village, shoppers can savor lattes, breves and espresso in an open air setting. On the menu, there are sandwiches, salads, panini and hearty pasta dishes.

Leone Cafe, 400 S Rampart Blvd #10165, 702-684-5853

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