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Updating the Progress at Lotus of Siam

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And the future of the Commercial Center restaurant

Lotus of Siam Flamingo Progress
Lotus of Siam Flamingo Progress
Breslin Builders

Out of action following a roof collapse at its nationally renowned Commercial Center restaurant, Lotus of Siam’s plans to open a second location serving its northern Thai dishes are taking longer than expected.

Originally hoped to be open by Nov. 1 inside the shuttered Roy’s restaurant on East Flamingo Road, well respected local firm Breslin Builders only took over the reins earlier this month and will need a little more time to transform the 7,921-square-foot space.

Most of the upgrades are cosmetic or necessary repairs to 17-year-old building, but Breslin will be adding a new wall to close off the open kitchen, plus new paint, flooring, equipment, upgrades to the existing bar and the creation of a “new wine room in the private dining area to house their extensive wine collection.”

The contractor also revealed, once it finishes work on the Flamingo Road project, it will then turn its attention to remodeling the Commercial Center site, a must-visit destination for Thai cuisine since November 1999.

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