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The Venue and VirtueVice for Sale on Fremont East

All can be yours for $18.9 million

The Venue Las Vegas

It took eight years for The Venue Las Vegas to make good on its promise to debut on Fremont East and just over two more for the 40,000-square-foot facility to be put up for sale.

The three-story, mixed-use event center is on the market for an optimistic $18.9 million at 750 Fremont St., a very short walk from the Container Park and Turmeric Flavors of India. With enough room to host 2,000 guests, the dream was to support a downtown destination for corporate events, meetings, weddings, conferences and live entertainment.

Based on the The Venue's original location in Arizona, very early plans followed the model of the Scottsdale original and included a pizza lounge, a billiards room and The Comedy Spot nightclub. Operating independently from the center and pitched as providing "very affordable" entertainment, open-mic nights and free "improv classes," the club never got past the initial design stage.

When The Venue finally debuted in 2015, the center lacked any amenities open to the general public, with the self-described "swanky" VirtueVice only briefly serving as a cocktail bar to curious pedestrians. A rooftop bar and lounge with views of the downtown neighborhood was also only available to event planners.

For now, The Venue is still accepting bookings and a details of a possible imminent closure have not been revealed. Executive chef Omar Rohana, who oversaw both locations, left the organization earlier this year.

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The Venue Las Vegas

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