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Eureka! Wants To Stand Out on Fremont East

Getting closer to a date to "Eat. Drink. American." 

Eureka! Restaurant Group
Eureka! Restaurant Group
Eureka! Restaurant Group

Hard at work to meet a revised February debut date, burger and craft beer concept Eureka! is working out the final details of its Fremont East exterior design.

Taking over the former home of The Beat Coffeehouse & Records at the Emergency Arts building, the familiar “Medical Center” vintage corner sign will be replaced with new blade signage, featuring the name “Eureka!” and the company brand of "Eat. Drink. American."

The company had hoped to blend in with the neighborhood’s collection of very creative murals and paint some signs directly onto the walls on both the Fremont and Sixth Street sides of the ground floor. But design requirements of the Downtown Entertainment Overlay District have pushed them back into creating more vibrant, illuminated, anodized signage.

The 4,494-square-foot restaurant is adding 355 square feet of expanded patio seating outside on Fremont Street, with enough room for approximately 40 diners. Inside, an "industrial rustic" dining room will also seat 27 guests around a rectangular, central bar, serving "exclusively American craft" beers.

Expected for the menu, a casual collection of sandwiches, burgers and tacos, plus substantial entrees such as lkepan-seared salmon sauteed in sauvignon blanc, an 8-ounce New York steak with red grilled asparagus and saffron crema, and slow-roasted pork ribs with an orange chili sauce, chimichurri and confetti coleslaw.

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