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Chinatown’s Newest Hot Pot Spot Brings Spicy Broths

Chengdu Laozao Hot Pot serves Ma La-style broths

Chengdu Laozao Hot Pot
Chengdu Laozao Hot Pot

Chengdu Laozao Hot Pot

Address: 5740 Spring Mountain Road

Phone: 702-623-4649

Hours: Open from 4 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily

Chinatown lands a new hot pot restaurant, bringing Ma La-style broths, referring to the numbing and spicy concoctions. Chengdu Laozao Hot Pot serves broths from the Sichuan province of China that use an oil simmered in beef tallow and red chili peppers. Note the broths here come in choices from mild to hot, but even the most mild has a spicy kick to it. Avoid the peppercorns to escape the heat.

Diners sit a communal tables outfitted with a large circular stove to simmer the hot pots. The room features a distinctively Chinese feel.

Customers then order proteins such as a beef and lamb combination or a beef belly and pork belly combination. Each contains about eight to 10 slices of protein. Glass noodles, a tofu combination sweet corn, cabbage, lettuce, enoki mushroom and more are just some of the additional items customers can order.

Prices range from $11 to $30.

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Chengdu Laozao Hot Pot

5740 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89146 702-623-4649