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Eataly Still Officially Confirmed for Las Vegas Strip

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Mario Batali scandal won’t stop the $13 million project

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Park MGM and Eataly entrance rendering
Park MGM and Eataly entrance rendering
MGM Resorts International

Despite losing it most famous figurehead, Eataly is still officially confirmed for the remodeled Monte Carlo resort late next year, confident it will survive without its biggest star and most energetic promoter.

A partner in the U.S. chain of elaborate Italian marketplaces, Mario Batali has stepped away from the day-to-day operations of all of his businesses following a string of allegations of sexual misconduct. Eataly responded quickly by removing all online products tied to his name, including spaghetti, sauces, rolling pins and cookbooks.

Created in 2007 by founder Oscar Farinetti in Torino, Italy, and later becoming a stateside sensation, Eataly will be the centerpiece of the resort’s transformation into the Park MGM and NoMad Hotel. Over the next 12 months, the entire hotel and casino frontage will be demolished, creating a huge new entrance on the Park side of casino floor.

Earlier this month, the 75,901-square-foot takeover allocated an estimated $13,385,195 for Eataly’s construction costs, including building almost 18,000-square-foot of additional space. The two-story venture will also add outdoor food carts to help create a magnet for diners looking for quick and easy options and help lead guests towards more elaborate dishes inside.

Already promised, the environment will offer a “vibrant marketplace with cafes, to-go counters, and sit-down restaurants interspersed with high-quality products from sustainable Italian and local producers,” plus pasta dishes, pizza and a bakery.

An official statement from the Eataly team offers no hint of an impending return date for the star chef:

“The allegations that surfaced this morning concerning Mario Batali’s behavior towards women were extremely troubling to us. We fully support Mr. Batali’s decision to step away from any active involvement with Eataly. Sexual harassment of any kind towards anyone in any form is unacceptable and Eataly cares deeply about creating a safe and comfortable environment for all our employees and customers, free of harassment, discrimination and retaliation.”

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