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Early 2018 Brings a New Asian Restaurant to the Tropicana

Red Lotus Asian Kitchen is on the way

Red Lotus Asian Kitchen
Red Lotus Asian Kitchen

The Tropicana has been a hive of dining activity with Robert Irvine’s Public House opening in August, the new Oakville Steakhouse debuting in June, and a new buffet, Savor, opening right before Thanksgiving.

Now comes word that Red Lotus Asian Kitchen plans to open in early 2018 right next to Robert Irvine’s massive restaurant. .

Penn National Gaming’s C.O.O. Jay Snowden announced that an Asian restaurant was on the way during an earnings call in July.

Red Lotus Asian Kitchen plans to feature “an approachable Asian-inspired menu” that spans lunch and dinner. Dishes from Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam make the menu in what the Tropicana is dubbing a “greatest hits”of Asian-inspired cuisine as well as traditional Asian dishes prepared with a Westernized flair.

Once open, the restaurant plans to offer dine-in options, as well as grab and go.

Beach Buffet and Asian Dining Head to the Tropicana [ELV]

Robert Irvine's Public House

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