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When the Clock Strikes Midnight, Du-par’s Shutters

The 24-hour restaurant closes

Du-par’s Restaurant & Bakery
Du-par’s Restaurant & Bakery
Chelsea McManus

One of the busiest restaurants in Downtown Las Vegas shuts its doors tonight at midnight. Late news out of the Golden Gate reveals that 24-hour Du-par’s Restaurant & Bakery was having "financial" difficulties and closes once the calendar turns over to Feb. 8.

"Due to financial reasons, Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas will close February 8 at midnight. A leased tenant of the historic hotel, Du-Par’s had struggled with payments over an extended period of time," a spokesperson for the Golden Gate reveals in a press statement. "While the restaurant will be closed for the time being, Golden Gate is currently evaluating future opportunities for the space."

Du-par’s was known for its stacks of pancakes and keeping the shrimp cocktail that originated in Las Vegas at the Golden Gate on the menu. The first Du-par’s opened at the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market in 1938. The Golden Gate location debuted in 2010.

Of course, Du-par’s has a second "always open" location at Suncoast in Las Vegas. The restaurant has been frequently named checked by The Killers and their frontman Brandon Flowers, a vocal advocate for their pancakes.

Du-par's Restaurant & Bakery

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