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New Club to Replace Drink & Drag at Neonopolis

A 12-lane bowling alley will return downtown

Drink & Drag
Drink & Drag
Chelsea McManus

The ill-fated, second-floor Drink & Drag space at Fremont Street’s Neonopolis is soon to be revived, but without the drag queen theatrical productions. Set to be operated by Jonathan Borchetta and his Imagine Adventures Las Vegas company, Borchetta is best known for creating the Voodoo Zip Line attraction at the Rio resort. The Neonopolis concept will not require any structural remodeling to upgrade the long-dormant spot.

The 19,665-square-foot nightclub will feature dining, a dance floor and bring back to life the original 12-lane bowling alley. Deejays or other live entertainment will be scheduled for at least three nights a week.

In possibly related news, a mysterious nightclub calling itself The Nerd, or Nerds, has been hiring over the last month. Also located inside Neonopolis, they have been promising future employees, "it will be more than a bar... it's an experience."

Applicants have also been advised they will need to be "energetic, fun, great communicators, personable, team players." It has yet to be confirmed if this is Borchetta’s new project, but the Nerd venture is aiming for an end of March, early April debut.

Neonopolis Mall

450 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 477-0470