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Annie's Gourmet Italian Will Relocate After Closure

The Henderson favorite vows to return

Grandma Cungie and Annie
Grandma Cungie and Annie

A new location is on the horizon for one of Henderson’s favorite restaurants, but it will be a little while longer before regulars discover the next home for Annie’s Gourmet Kitchen.

Annie DeFalco-Payton and her team moved to Valle Verde Drive in 2014, having grown too successful for their original home on West Horizon Ridge Parkway. But they have reluctantly chosen to shut down the larger space.

A post on Annie’s Gourmet Kitchen’s Facebook page explained, "we have a new landlord who refuses to help make us prosper, with three summers of broken air conditioning units 20 years old (all the while the other tenants have gotten new ones), extremely high rent, and refusal to sign off on the new partnership gaming company we have in place."

Promising "we will be down for a bit, but we will be back, better than ever," the next location has yet to be revealed. Annie’s debuted in 2009, serving family-inspired Italian recipes, many created by Defalco-Payton’s mother, Grandma Cungie. The addition of Ookie's Garden Pet Dining Patio provided a popular outdoor spot for guests and their dogs and Annie’s had cultivated a loyal following for their happy hour program.

The original Annie’s Gourmet Kitchen space is now occupied by Javier Chavez's Kitchen Table.

Annie's Gourmet Italian

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