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Distill and Remedy's Owners Expand in Henderson

A 24-hour tavern is on the way

Future tavern location Via Inspirada & Via Da Vinci
Future tavern location Via Inspirada and Via Da Vinci

The operators of Distill, Elxir and Remedy's Tavern are headed back to Henderson, committed to creating a neighborhood hot spot on a very vacant plot of land.

While the project is dubbed "Distill 4 Tavern," current renderings feature Remedy’s branded signage. But whichever concept they chose to bring to the area, the aim is to fill 6,780-square-foot of built-from-scratch space with "dining, gaming, lounging, drinking, playing billiards and popular video games."

Sitting on empty stretch of land at the corner of Via Inspirada and Via Da Vinci, the closest business rival will be a PT’s Gold, almost two miles away. Construction has yet to be approved on the 24-hour tavern, that will continue their tradition of offering a round-the-clock, casual American dining menu.

Remedy’s is already a Henderson fixture on Conestoga Way and also on St. Rose Parkway, less than six miles from this new site. Distill recently debuted its third location in Centennial.