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Cottonwood Station Restaurant Planned for Blue Diamond

The best restaurant in the region could be on the way

Proposed Cottonwood Station location
Proposed Cottonwood Station location
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A proposed restaurant and coffee house might be on the way to Blue Diamond, creating only the second dining option in the region and providing a potential pit stop and travel destination for "eco-tourists."

Located in the far southwest, but still only eighteen miles from the Strip, Blue Diamond’s population in 2010 was 290. Cottonwood Station would sit between two of the small town’s limited amenities, the library and convenience store, with the restaurant instantly become the neighborhood’s dining and drinking centerpiece.

Blue Diamond locals Blue Barn LLC are behind the proposal, hoping for permission to create a 1,980-square-foot restaurant with bar and add a 1,055-square-foot, outdoor, covered patio with a fire pit.

Imagined to be open from 6 a.m to 6 p.m daily and until 10 p.m on Friday and Saturday, the owners believe it will become a favorite destination for bicyclists and hikers. At issue for Clark County’s review board, the restaurant and bar’s very close proximity to the residential community. No timetable for completion has been announced, if they receive the necessary permission to proceed.

The only other close dining option is the Bonnie Springs Ranch’s tourist focused, casual American restaurant, inside the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Blue Diamond Library

14 Cottonwood Drive, Blue Diamond, NV 89004 (702) 875-4295 Visit Website