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Chubby Cattle to Bring Meet Fresh to Chinatown

“Sister and Brother Fu” and taro balls are on the way

Meet Fresh
Meet Fresh
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For fans of traditional Taiwanese desserts, the biggest news of the year is confirmation Meet Fresh is on its way to Las Vegas, brought to Chinatown by the operators of the Mongolian hot pot restaurant, Chubby Cattle.

Yet to be announced, the Meet Fresh empire only took a decade to expand to more than "400 stores in over 100 cities in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia and South Korea." In 2014 they opened the first of three California outposts, each debuting with Chick-fil-A-style long lines of fans.

While current details are scant, "exquisite teas, treats and desserts" will replace automotive parts inside the vacant building at 3930 Spring Mountain Road, across the street from Udon Monzo and Chada Street.

Meet Fresh is the brainchild of "Sister & Brother Fu," septuagenarian experts in the creation of "taro ball, herbal jelly, jelly ice, tofu pudding, rice noodle, as well as other traditional desserts like turnip cake, rice dumpling and oil rice," with all dishes "imbued with Taiwanese kindness and traditional flavors."

The main attractions for Meet Fresh obsessives are the hot and cold taro ball selections, made with "freshest natural ingredients with no added preservatives."

A timetable for an arrival has yet to be revealed.

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Spring Mountain/ Valley View

, Las Vegas, NV (702) 221-7118