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Lacey’s Place Taverns Expanding Quickly

The first location replaces the Cheers Bar & Grill

Lacey’s Place
Lacey’s Place
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It has been a busy few months for the neighborhood around the Campus Village retail center, across from UNLV. Crunch Donut Factory is serving around the clock at the corner of East Harmon Avenue and Maryland Parkway and on the way, House of Frites is "coming soon" to the ground floor corner space once occupied by Mr D'z Fish House.

Next on the agenda, Lacey’s Place will take over the former home of Cheers Bar & Grill, which shuttered in late 2015. The tavern sat next door to Roberto's Tacos and is few steps down from the Donut Factory.

Heading in a different direction from Cheers’ self-promoted dive bar reputation, the Lacey’s Place concept is described as catering "to an older and predominantly female clientele" according to paperwork filed with Clark County. Work is currently underway to remodel the space, but an opening date has not yet been announced.

Lacey’s Place will also be creating a second home on the westside, inside a former 2,744-square-foot convenience store, located on Decatur Boulevard between Harmon Avenue and Flamingo Road. Both locations have applied for a gaming license.

Created by Chicago’s Jeff Rehberger and his Lucky Gaming Systems company, a third Lacey’s location may also be in the works for a vacant tavern near Nellis Air Force base.

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Cheers Bar & Grill

1220 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 734-2454