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Look Out for the New Korean Barbecue Headed to Chinatown

8 oz Korean Steak House to rival Hobak

8 oz Korean Steak House
8 oz Korean Steak House
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Hobak Korean BBQ might have started a trend for moving Chinatown restaurants into very nondescript business centers. The new 8 oz Korean Steak House is headed to the Mountain Point Business Park on Spring Mountain Road, claiming 3,930 square feet on the Stober Boulevard side of the mixed-use center and sitting half a mile west of the better-known Chinatown Plaza.

Serving one of the hottest trends of the moment, 8 oz will feature Korean barbecue and also install a bar. Of note, the pricey estimated construction budget of $350,000, a confident outlay when cheaper options are known to dot the neighborhood.

Behind the project are operators connected to Umami, the hit sushi restaurant that debuted in Centennial in January. Real estate brokers also reference another venture planned next door to 8 oz, described as either a restaurant, or a milk and boba tea concept. The 3,073-square-foot project has also been referred to as the Na & Ma Restaurant, a name that happens to be owned by 8 oz’s parent companies.

An opening date or public reveal of the steakhouse has yet to be announced, but permits for the remodel were filed early last month. It will become at least the eighth self-described Korean barbecue outlet residing on the three-mile stretch of Spring Mountain between Valley View Boulevard and Rainbow Boulevard, with more on the way.

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8 oz Korean Steak House

4545 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102