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Sausagefest Food Truck Expands to a Restaurant

It will be more than just sausages at the Commercial Center


Oliver Naidas has been growing his food truck empire since 2011 and his original creation, Sausagefest, is the first to make the leap into a full-time restaurant concept.

Sausagefest will take over the 1,904-square-foot space formerly occupied by the Cornish Pasty Co. at the eastside Commercial Center on Sahara Avenue and a brief walk from Lotus of Siam.

Work is already well underway, upgrading the exterior and interior with reclaimed wood finishes. Promised to be "opening soon," the menu will expand upon their truck selections, feature craft beer to be paired with their sausages and offer "pretzels and pies."

Naidas continues to operate the "Fest family" of Burgerfest, Tacofest, Greekfest and Lobsterfest food trucks.

Previous Sausagefest sandwich menu options have included a "Banh Mi" creation with Filipino sausage, the "Milwaukee Brat" made with bratwurst, Chicago Polish, Baja chicken, Italian sausage and peppers, plus chorizo, ranch and fresh cut fries. A local favorite is the "Smokey Robinson," made with "hot beef link, bacon, cheese, grilled onions and bbq sauce."

An exact debut date or opening hours have yet to be announced.

Commercial Center

953 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 737-3478