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A Second Chance for Downtown’s Jury Room Bar?

Will the courtroom themed tavern debut this year?

Jury Room Bar
Jury Room Bar
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Over two years since it was first floated as an idea, downtown’s Jury Room Bar believes the economic climate is now right for a comeback.

Now almost double the original size, the 614-square-foot legal-themed tavern will be positioned along a corridor inside 321 S. Casino Center Blvd., close to the intersection with Lewis Ave.

Located near the Clark County Detention Center, Courthouses and Marriage Bureau, the neighborhood also provided the inspiration for the long established Courthouse Bar & Grill, located one block away.

New paperwork filed by the bar is asking the City to grant a two year extension to finish the project, flush with confidence at the amount of tenants in the Casino Center building

In 2015, the early plans called for the interior to be modeled after an actual courtroom, offer specialty cocktails named "after famous judges," feature staff wearing "uniforms to resemble courtroom staff, bailiff’s uniforms, judges robes" and include TVs playing "video tapes of famous trials."

The operators are proposing to begin construction once the permit extension is approved.

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