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Blackout Dining in the Dark Opening on the Westside

Dining with four senses makes a comeback

Blackout Restaurant
Blackout Restaurant
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They won’t be needing windows or a patio, but in an ironic twist, the forthcoming Blackout restaurant space has inherited both. Located a short distance from the Gold Coast, Rio and Palms resorts at the intersection of Viking Road and Valley View Boulevard, Blackout will offer "Dining in the Dark" for guests who want to challenge their remaining four senses and enjoy a meal in complete darkness.

Created by Rachel Roberts-Levi and her husband Avraham Levi, Blackout is currently under construction, converting the 3,428-square-foot corner plot at the Valley View Business Center. The couple has experience operating another novelty local venture, Design & Dine, which lets customers "eat, drink and paint" under the supervision of instructors.

While details of Blackout are very scant, Roberts-Levi has hinted the menu will feature vegan options. At Design & Dine the menu includes paninis, flatbread pizzas and desserts. Improvements on the Blackout tenant space began in March, but an official project announcement or a projected opening day have yet to be revealed.

A previous attempt at creating a "dark dining" experience using blindfolds was hosted at the shuttered Mood Restaurant inside the Artisan Hotel.

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