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Your First Look Inside Lorena Garcia’s Chica

See the Latin-inspired restaurant at the Venetian

Amelinda B Lee

Take a look inside Chica, the Latin restaurant from Top Chef Masters chef Lorena Garcia and John Kunkel of 50 Eggs at the Venetian. Much like the menu of arepas, tamales and tortillas all made in house the design and decor reflect its Latin roots with bright colors and a contemporary feel.

50 Eggs collaborated with Wilson Associates on the look and feel. Handmade vintage tiles, bright accents and colonial-styled ironwork decorate the space with large pieces of art on the walls representing a female-centric theme.

"Over the past several years, my travels have included visits to many Latin American countries, such as Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica and Mexico,” Kunkel says in a press statement. “All of these amazing places embody uniquely specific traditional foods and fascinating design elements. I wanted to create a space that would allow guests access to the vibrant and bold flavors, sights and sounds of Latin America."

Guests walk in to see a large bar in the center of the room with smaller rooms hiding in different nooks. The kitchen features a built-in rotisserie wall and custom Churrasco grill. Fresh ceviches and salads are made at an ice bar open to the customer, while handmade arepas are formed at an interactive counter.

Take a look around.

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