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Blackout Dining in the Dark Arriving Soon

Peek a preview of your night vision equipped waitstaff

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Promising “everything tastes better in the dark,” the Blackout Dining in the Dark restaurant heading to the westside has confirmed it will arriving much sooner than expected.

Announcing a June debut, the project plans to offer six-course meals in complete darkness and according to an updated Facebook page, the restaurant staff will be serving guests wearing night vision goggles. A previous local attempt to replicate a "dark dining" experience, inside the shuttered Mood Restaurant inside the Artisan Hotel, required guests to wear blindfolds.

Blackout - Dining in the Dark
Blackout - Dining in the Dark

Located a short distance from the Gold Coast, Rio and Palms resorts at the intersection of Viking Road and Valley View Boulevard, the restaurant takes over a 3,428-square-foot corner plot at the Valley View Business Center.

Behind the experience will be Rachel Roberts-Levi and her husband Avraham Levi, known locally for another local off-kilter night out, Design & Dine, which lets customers "eat, drink and paint" while they are taught simple techniques.

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