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Rolled Ice Cream Reveals Second Home

The second of five planned local expansions

Rolled Ice Cream
Rolled Ice Cream
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Last November, Rolled Ice Cream became the first local business to specialize in the Thai-inspired frozen treat craze that has swept both coasts in recent years. Fans have been known to wait up to an hour in line to sample its wares at its Spring Valley location, at the corner of Flamingo Road and Ft. Apache Road. Now the company is making good on its promise to add another five locations to its portfolio and has officially announced it will first turn its attention to Eastern Avenue.

Already hiring and aiming for a July debut, Rolled Ice Cream is headed to the Sansone Park Place retail center on Eastern Avenue, already home to Twin Peaks Henderson and another famous expert on chilled desserts, Nielsens Frozen Custard.

Rolled Ice Cream will be moving into suite #110, currently home to the still-in-operation Soulfish Poke. Further details of that relationship have yet to be revealed.

On the menu, the store pours real fruit and cream "onto a flat pan, cooled to as low as -32 degrees. Then we chop your desired fruit and cream as we roll them into their signature shape."

Unusual combinations include the "Potato Chip," featuring "house cream, Lays chips and whip cream," the "Elvis," made with "house cream, peanut butter, banana, whip cream and Nutter Butter" and the "Kit-Kat," created with house and whip cream, plus a Kit-Kat.

A new local rival, Roll Up Creamery, is working to debut its first location in Boca Park this summer.

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