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Nevada Chicken Cafe Replaces Smashburger in Spring Valley

The third location is revealed for the local favorite

Nevada Chicken Cafe
Nevada Chicken Cafe
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Chad the Chicken is expanding again in Spring Valley. Nevada Chicken Café has been serving mesquite chicken and ribs since 2005 and will be opening its third location this fall.

The 2,882-square-foot space takes over a shuttered Smashburger outpost and sits between a Panera Bread and Panda Express at the Tropicana Beltway retail center, near the intersection of Fort Apache Road and Tropicana Avenue.

Featuring Chad, the mascot and "professional marketing assistant" for the local brand, the cafe already operates on the westside on Sahara Avenue and six miles to the southeast of this new home on the Arroyo Crossing Parkway.

Aiming for an announced October debut, on the menu “mesquite charcoal & rotisserie chickens & ribs” all prepared daily and “marinated with our special recipe and roasted or grilled.” They also feature salads like Caesar and a “Waldorf chicken” with grapes, green apples and walnuts, wraps filled with ingredients like chicken mozzarella or chicken avocado, barbecue and pulled pork sandwiches, wings, chili soup and a long list of sides including mac & cheese, roasted garlic potatoes, broccoli pasta and cucumber salad.

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