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ChiAm To Bring Dim Sum to the Boulevard Mall

With two restaurants gone, one is on the way

ChiAm Restaurant
Boulevard Mall 

Following news that Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar and the Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar have both shuttered at the Boulevard Mall comes word a new casual dining option is coming soon.

Local chain ChiAm will be operating a 3,543-square-foot dim sum restaurant and are already promising a summer debut. The remodel of a vacant restaurant space has been allocated an estimated $203,000 in construction costs.

The ambitious Henderson company has been announcing planned expansions around the valley and into Arizona and California since its first location debuted in September 2015. That Craig Road outpost shuttered earlier this year, leaving a west side location at 6300 W. Charleston Blvd.

On the Chinese and American fusion menu, appetizers such as “veggie tofu soup” and a “jumbo Pacific spring ball,” main entrées of “Mandarin pork chop,” “tiger walnut shrimp” and “Dynasty Mongolian Beef,” plus dim sum selections including pork soup dumpling, chicken siu mai, “bbq pork bun” and “pan fried chive dumplings.”

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Boulevard Mall

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