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Five Restaurants To Try Near UNLV

Grab a bite near campus

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Cafe Mayakovsky

Some campuses have views of grassy quads from their classroom windows; UNLV has the neon lights of Las Vegas Boulevard. Located just blocks away from the world famous Strip itself, the University of Nevada Las Vegas has held classes on campus since 1957. In addition to boasting one of the best hospitality management programs in the country — which routinely graduates students who will influence the city’s hotel and restaurant scene — UNLV has one of the most diverse campuses in America. It comes as no surprise that the restaurants near UNLV are equally diverse.

While UNLV has long been known as a commuter school, efforts to bring new housing to campus have created the need for a more robust array of local restaurants. From endless sushi to grab-and-go bahn mi, here are five must-try restaurants near UNLV.

Cugino’s Italian Deli & Pizza

Crispy eggplant pizza

Even in the glittering city of Las Vegas, pizza is synonymous with college life. Fortunately for UNLV students and pizza lovers alike, Cugino’s Italian Deli & Pizza is right across the street from campus. The restaurant offers delivery, takeout or pizza by the slice for a quick bite between classes. The menu features Italian favorites like antipasto and fried calamari along with student-approved pizza specialities like mozzarella and basil or melanzana pizza topped with breaded eggplant, tomatoes and garlic.

Cugino's Italian Deli & Pizza, 4550 S. Maryland Pkwy. #20, 702-895-7561

All-you-can-eat sushi at Yama Sushi


Tucked beside the Target on the corner of Flamingo Road and Maryland Parkway, Yama Sushi is the spot for all-you-can-eat sushi. Dinner features a two-hour time limit, during which patrons can orders as much nigiri, appetizers, hand rolls and specialty rolls as they please — everything from octopus nigiri to the signature Yama roll made with tempura shrimp, eel and avocado. At last, every mother’s clean plate rule can be put to good use.

Yama Sushi, 1350 E. Flamingo Road, 702-696-0072

Vodka selection at Cafe Mayakovsky

Vodka and caviar

For those looking to try something a little different on a Friday night, Cafe Mayakovsky is an authentic Russian restaurant and lounge just moments from UNLV. The intimate setting features live entertainment and traditional Russian beverages, like Kvas, a fermented drink made with bread, and of course, lots and lots of vodka. On the menu, there’s red caviar, chicken Kiev and hearty servings of beef stroganoff.

Cafe Mayakovsky, 1775 E. Tropicana Ave. #30, 702-848-1775

Aloha Kitchen

Korean beef short ribs

Aloha Kitchen may be known for serving up karaoke with a much-needed two-drink minimum, but its menu — featuring Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese and Korean specialties — is much more inspired than someone bellowing out another round of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” From mahi-mahi served with tartar sauce to Korean beef short ribs with kimchee, the menu infuses tropical flavors into every dish. UNLV students will be pleased to know that Aloha Kitchen offers student specials and a generously long happy hour five days a week.

Aloha Kitchen, 4745 Maryland Pkwy., 702-895-9444

Charbroiled beef bahn mi at Mr. Sandwich

Bahn mi

Clocking in at just a 10-minute walk from campus, Mr. Sandwich is the perfect place to take an extra long study break or grab lunch on-the-go. The eponymous sandwiches aren’t the boring ham and cheese variety; they’re Vietnamese bahn mi. Diners can choose from more than 20 options, including bahn mi cari de dac biet, or curry lamb on French bread and bahn mi thit bo nuong, or charbroiled beef.

Mr. Sandwich, 4626 S. Maryland Pkwy., 702-838-0888

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