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Bubble Mixology and Flavyours to Chinatown

Nitrogen and Thai rolled ice cream to Spring Mountain


If 2016 was the year of the sushi burrito, 2017 is fast turning into the year of Asian-inspired ice cream. With at least half a dozen concepts set to debut around the valley this summer, two ventures plan to unveil their variations on Spring Mountain Road.

Now hiring, Flavyours will serve Thai rolled ice cream, teas, boba and desserts at its 1,323-square-foot home at the Shan Tau Plaza, inside a former spa and across from the Macy’s Furniture outlet. Promising “exclusive flavors,” the ice cream shop touts that it will be open “very soon.”

Just more than a mile to the west at the Commerce Corner Mediterranean Market, Bubble Mixology takes a different technical approach and plans to offer “flash-chilled liquid nitrogen ice cream.” Inside its 1,323-square-foot space, the local concept can almost instantly freeze liquids, ingredients and flavors into a dessert. Bubble Mixology also wants to serve cold-brew nitro coffee, tea and matcha, plus the other buzzword dish of the summer, “bubble waffles.” The project is also now hiring.

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