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$17 Million Remodel for the Palms Casino Floor

And the 24-7 Cafe is almost ready to return


The multi-million dollar makeovers at the Palms keep on coming, as owners Station Casinsos prepare for its future as the highest profile member of the family.

Already revealed, a major upgrade for the pool area and the exterior of the former Rain nightclub, creating a Strip-style dayclub environment. The new designs will make it easier for future guests to directly dive into the party scene without heading through the casino.

For gamblers, the entire casino floor is next for a massive overhaul. Newly filed paperwork details the 78,370-square-foot space will receive new carpet and terrazzo flooring, new lighting, speakers, new finishes on the walls and columns and a completely new look for the ceilings. For the estimated construction costs alone, Palms has set aside a stunning $16,402,668, plus an additional estimated $1,269,010 to cover all the electrical work in the ceiling. A reported 280 new slot machines will be part of the final layout.

No timetable for the floor work has yet been announced. In the very near future, the Palms’ 24-hour cafe is expected to reopen within the next two weeks. The 24 Seven Cafe was shuttered in January, ahead of the estimated $2.6 million construction project. A new name may also be part of its return, with the resort currently hiring for for positions at the “Lucky Penny Cafe.”

During the downtime, the Palms buffet has been pulling double duty, but once the cafe is operational a remodel of the buffet is also expected later this year.

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24 Seven Cafe

4321 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (702) 942-7777

Rain Nightclub

4321 W Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103 702-942-6832 Visit Website