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Japanese ‘Cafeteria’ Cafe Sanuki to Chinatown

“Authentic Japanese cuisine” at a discount price

Cafe Sanuki 
Cafe Sanuki 
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Cafe Sanuki is promising an August debut for its first Las Vegas location, already with an eye on a major national expansion.

Announcing it will be serving an “authentic” Japanese experience, the concept will specialize in a “cafeteria” approach to serving guests udon noodles, tempura dishes and hand rolls. It is also promoting a family-themed atmosphere and a price point of under $10.

Despite the bargain prices, Cafe Sanuki maintains it will feature “imported ingredients, processes & equipment” to help build towards a future chain planned for “major cities on the East Coast, Midwest, & Western US.”

Yet to be confirmed, the cafe’s inspiration appears to be the Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru outposts found inside the Costa Mesa, California, and Chicago locations of Mitsuwa Marketplace. The counter-service design lets diners pick up a tray and choose freshly made hot or chilled noodles and add a selection of self-serve toppings.

Located at the the intersection of Spring Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard, a published address for Cafe Sanuki suggests it may be taking over the site of long shuttered, former zombie-themed bar, The End.

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