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A Flood Temporarily Shutters Planet Dailies

The 24-hour restaurant needs to remodel

Planet Dailies
Planet Dailies
Planet Dailies

Saturday afternoon brought a flood of water to Planet Hollywood Resort that shut down parts of the resort into in the evening. Now comes word that the flood, caused by a leaking pipe, shut down Planet Dailies, the 24-hour diner at the resort.

Planet Dailies temporarily closed and doesn’t plan to re-open until Oct. 1.

The 24-hour restaurant originally opened in 2007 when the Aladdin became Planet Hollywood Resort. Chef Adrian Tenorio brought a menu of coffee shop dishes and a star-studded clientele. Breakfast dishes round the clock and specials such as never-ending pasta bowls made the menu.

The restaurant featured an array of daily newspapers from around the world on the walls near the entrance and in the restrooms.

A second location opened in 2012 in Beverly Hills.

Creator Robert Earl also runs Buca di Beppo, Planet Hollywood, Earl of Sandwich and Mixology101.

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