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$4 Million Sports Bar to the Park MGM

And two new bars are also on the way

Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Monte Carlo Resort & Casino

The ongoing, $450 million transformation of the Monte Carlo resort into the Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas has been carefully and methodically rolling out its future plans, but also keeping many of the details a closely guarded secret.

Three new developments have been revealed by recently filed paperwork, yet create more questions than answers.

The major development is the creation of a brand new, 12,101-square-foot “Sports Bar,” which has allocated an estimated $3,872,835 for construction costs alone. By comparison, Double Barrel Roadhouse on the Boulevard Plaza outside the casino’s front entrance fills approximately 12,000-square-foot of space.

An exact location for the new sports bar is yet to be confirmed. Currently, the Monte Carlo hosts the compact, 24-hour “Score Bar” facing the Race & Sports book.

Also on the way, a 3,906-square-foot "Center Bar" with its own estimated construction budget of $378,107 and the 1,600-square-foot "West Bar," to be built with a makeover budget of $378,107. Neither project has a confirmed, casino floor location.

The Monte Carlo continues to operate two nightlife options. The Hit Bar & Lounge, located next to the shuttered Brand Steakhouse, itself on its way to become Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar, and the 24-hour Ignite Lounge, located close to the Strip entrance and long rumored to be a moving part in the massive remodel.

None of these concepts are connected with yet another, but more upscale addition to the resort, the highly anticipated NoMad Bar, imported from New York and overseen by the team of chef Daniel Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara.

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Hit Bar & Lounge

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