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Everything To Know About The Otheroom

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What to order for drinks and food

The Otheroom
The Otheroom

LA and New York-based The Otheroom is now serving Stripside at the Forum Shops at Caesars with a menu of clever cocktails, bar bites and even an alcohol-infused soft serve ice cream. Here, owner and operator Meddy Sahebi gives the lowdown on all things The Otheroom.

Why bring The Otheroom to Las Vegas?

As a premier hub for hospitality and entertainment, Las Vegas was a logical next step for expanding The Otheroom brand. Our location within the Forum Shops exposes The Otheroom brand to a clientele of “professional consumers” that patronize the high-end retail outlets inside, while the more casual outdoor patio area allows visitors of all kinds to enjoy our premium hospitality offerings.

How long have you been planning the move to the Forum Shops at Caesars?

The discussions have been years in the making; but, we have been in the process of bringing our concept to Las Vegas for about two years.

Is it different than running locations in New York or Los Angeles? How?

Definitely. Las Vegas is a much different town than New York or LA. Our locations in Manhattan and Venice Beach are really neighborhood spots that have built up a loyal following over time. Our patrons there visit us a few times a week and really enjoy the low-key vibe. In Vegas, we are on The Strip and it’s not so much a locals play, but really exposing The Otheroom brand to new visitors that come into market every couple of days. It’s a much different business model, but we’ve stayed true to The Otheroom brand and offer an alternative experience to what else is available on the Strip. At The Otheroom, guests can come in and chill, have an amazing cocktail and escape the chaos.

What were you thinking about in terms of design?

We wanted to bring our brand of low key and approachable sophistication to the Las Vegas Strip. A stop at The Otheroom is really an experience for all five of the senses. The upscale lounge and dining concept features a chic, candle-lit aesthetic with industrial, yet glamorous, brick and metal finishes, providing a seductive setting that blends both masculine and feminine touches. A curated playlist of contemporary, chill tunes further enhance the vibe immersing you in an intoxicating assault of the senses which is amplified by the impressive list of on-tap craft beers and selection of fine wines accompanied by the rich flavor profiles of the restaurant’s small bites menu and innovative cocktail list.

What’s the most unexpected thing that’s happened so far?

The amount of positive feedback and well wishes we have received from our neighbors and strangers alike throughout the entire process.

How about the craziest thing?

Everything is crazy in Vegas.

Talk about the cocktails. What three drinks do you recommend?

The cocktails menu was designed to be a bit cheeky and flirty. The cocktail names tell a bit of a story and are layered in complexity and innuendo. The general menu was designed to have some attitude, pulling away from the "predictable," in an effort to take guests slightly out of their comfort zone, offering something for everyone yet in an unorthodox manner. Rather than Tequila, try Sotol in your Paloma (In Through The Out Door); you can have a Mojito, but ours has Aged Rhum Agricole and Champagne (Champagne On Deck). Want a's our version with High Rye Bourbon and Smoked Peach (Smokey & The Bandit).

In addition to our premium fine wines and craft beer selection, we also have a really fantastic flight program that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. These include premium flights of Don Julio, Patron, Hennessy, Macallan, Glenmorangie, Mescal, a really unique Japanese whiskey flight and a build-your-own beer flight.

What's the must-order drink of the moment?

The Brazilian Wax has been a big hit. It’s refreshing in the summer heat and also very beautiful.

Anything on the menu only in Las Vegas?

Our signature cocktail line and gourmet bites are new for the Vegas location. Our locations in Manhattan and in Venice Beach offer craft beers and wines. We are looking to add cocktails to these locations in the very near future also.

Tell me about some of the dishes on the menu. 

We have a great, experienced chef on-staff at The Otheroom with Neno Pope. You’ll find some of the best, gourmet bar food around. The shiitake burger with caramelized onions and miso mustard is a favorite as is the short rib grilled cheese with cheddar and horseradish cream. We have an amazing charcuterie plate with a melt-in-your-mouth brie that is to die for. And, of course, we have a lot of great offerings for our vegetarian friends, too.

Any staff on hand that we should know about?

Sarah Patten is a rock star mixologist. She just moved to Las Vegas from Austin. She brings a wealth of experience and brings all the innovation in mixology going on in that city to the Las Vegas Strip. The Otheroom brand is a perfect fit for Sarah’s background.

What's on tap for the future?

The Otheroom brand will continue to expand into other major U.S. markets and glamorous destinations abroad. As we expand, our concept will continue to evolve and adapt to each new location, but will always keep the same low-key sense of sophistication and curated experience that is unique to The Otheroom.

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Forum Shops at Caesars

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The Otheroom

3500 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-836-2096