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Million Dollar Changes to The Chandelier Bar

Upgrades to two levels at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Chandelier
The Chandelier

Now in its sixth year of service, The Chandelier, the three-level lounge at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, is about to undergo its second $1 million makeover.

Last year, the 3,305-square-foot casino floor space was renovated to reveal a more open-plan design, and now upgrades will be extended to level 1.5 and larger changes to level 2.

Working with an estimated construction budget of $1,120,000, the middle level space will receive new flooring, wall coverings, light fixtures and furniture. The current bar set-up will remain the same.

One floor up, level 2 will be making room for Eggslut customers being served a few steps away. The pedestrian walkway side of the lounge will be switched over to an open seating area with a new ceiling.

Like the lounge below, new flooring, wall coverings and furniture are on the way, with the largely forgotten five-seat bar on the north side finally removed to create space for customers dining on bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.

Eggslut can only accommodate a dozen seated diners at its casual, counter service restaurant and combined with customers from Milk Bar, this level can become very busy with visitors looking for a place to sit and eat.

Not timetable for a completion has been announced, nor details of when the bars will be closed for construction.

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The Chandelier

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