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8oz Korean Steak House Coming Soon to Chinatown

With California Sushi Burrito as neighbors

8oz Korean Steak House
8oz Korean Steak House
8oz Korean Steak House

Hosting two of the hottest trends of the past 12 months, the Mountain Point Business Park on Spring Mountain Road has two dining tenants very close to a debut and one more on the way.

Promising they are “coming soon,” 8oz Korean Steak House has already finalized a menu and is putting the final touches on its interior. A sibling to Umami, the hit sushi restaurant in Centennial, 8oz Korean will fill 3,930 square feet on the Stober Boulevard side of the Park, close to the already open Game Nest arcade.

On the menu, Korean barbecue prepared at your table, the best hot pots "you ever tasted in your life," ranging in heat levels from plain to “challenging,” plus bibimbap and lunch specials including "best short rib soup" for $13 and a $14 tofu hot pot lunch combo, with sides like pork bulgogi.

On the Spring Mountain side of the retail building, newcomer California Sushi Burritos is currently hiring for its 1,488-square-foot space, serving a now familiar menu and also promising to be opening soon.

And next door to 8oz Korean, a still to be revealed 3,073-square-foot mystery project. Described as either a restaurant, or a milk and boba tea concept, real estate brokers have dubbed it the Na & Ma Restaurant, a name owned by 8oz’s parent companies.

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