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8oz Korean Steak House & Bar Now Grilling in Chinatown

The next must-try Korean barbecue restaurant debuts

8oz Korean Steak House & Bar
8oz Korean Steak House & Bar
8oz Korean Steak House & Bar

8oz Korean Steak House & Bar

Address: 4545 Spring Mountain Road, B #105

Phone: 725-909-3121

Status: Open daily from 5 to 11 p.m.

Fans of Korean barbecue have a new destination to try within a mixed-use center aiming to become a pan-Asian, Chinatown dining hub.

Located at the Mountain Point Business Park on Spring Mountain Road, half a mile west of the Chinatown Plaza, first California Sushi Burrito debuted with a familiar menu of bowl and burritos. And on the Stober Boulevard side of the center, 8oz Korean Steak House & Bar is now grilling inside an industrial-styled, 3,930-square-foot restaurant.

Currently only open for dinner, the layout includes its own bar by the front entrance. On the menu, choices for small or large groups, including beef and pork combos, priced between $59 and $105, plus chicken and seafood options, including a $12 small spicy octopus or the $20 lobster.

The namesake eight ounce combos include $55 and $105 sets, featuring items like beef belly, marinated short rib, grilled marinated pork bulgogi and pork jowl.

Other options include $24 beef tongue, $39 rib eye or boneless short rib and pork belly.

8oz Korean Steak House & Bar
8oz Korean Steak House & Bar

Sides include a roster of $8 selections, including tofu hot pot, kimchi fried rice, seafood pancakes and if you by three or more main dishes, a side of a veggie skewer or cheese fondue will be served free.

On the drinks menu, imported Korean choices like Makgoli, Bokbunja, and Chumchurum.

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